For Americans, This Is the 'Face of God'June 12, 2018 3:15pm

You can now say you've stared into the face of God, or at least a face Americans believe resembles it. Surprisingly, there's no beard in sight. Instead, faces selected from pairs of photos by more than 500 US Christians tasked with choosing their vision of God combine to show a clean-cut, young Caucasian man with a slight resemblance to Ryan Gosling.

Still, researchers from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill say most believers imagine a God "who is suited to meet their needs and who looks like them," according to an egocentric bias, per the Daily Express.

For example, liberals imagine a younger, more feminine, and less Caucasian God than conservatives, who chose more powerful and more Caucasian faces, researchers write in Plos One.

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